SerpO Privacy Policy

The herein listed terms and conditions mandate all use and functionality of the SerpO Website and all of its content, services and products available at or made available through the Website. The Website is owned, operated, and governed by SerpO. is made available at the adherence to Your acceptance without alteration of all of the terms and conditions written and described herein and all other operating policies (including, without limitation, SerpO’s Privacy Policy) procedures, rules, and protocol that may be published from intermittently on this Website by SerpO.

Please thoroughly and carefully read this Agreement before entering, accessing, and using the Website. Please thoroughly and carefully read this Agreement before entering, accessing, and using the Website. By entering, accessing or using any part of the Website, You consent to become legally bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If You do not consent to automatically accept to agree to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, then You may not be allowed to use or access the Website or use any services made available. If these terms and conditions are deemed an offer by SerpO, acceptance is expressly limited to these terms. The Website is available only to those individuals who are at least 13 years of age or older.

Your SerpO Account and Site

If You decide to and initiate creation of an account on the SerpO Website, You are responsible for maintaining and upholding the security of Your account and all of its content, and You are totally responsible for all of the activities that take place or may take place within the said account and any other actions taken in tandem with the Website. You must not assign or describe content to Your account in an untruthful, deceptive, suspicious, or unlawful manner, including in a manner meant to trade on the reputation or name of others, and SerpO has complete authority to remove or change any description, keyword, text and related information that it has found to be breaking said rules and restrictions, or otherwise likely to cause SerpO liability for something illegal or mischievous. You must immediately contact and notify SerpO of any unauthorized or misunderstood uses of Your account or any other breaches or suspected breaches of security. SerpO will not be held liable for any omissions or acts carried out by You, which also includes any damages or issues of any kind incurred as a result of such omissions or acts.

We may from time to time communicate with You concerning our products, updates, services, news, events, and related material. You have the option to not have this information communicated to You. We make available an opt-out function within all email communications of this nature or will cease as soon as it is made possible to communicate with you for said purposes if You contact us and notify us not to communicate this information to You any longer. The only specific type of these communications that You may not “opt-out” of are those mandatory to communicate special announcements concerning the Services, such as information uniquely related to Your personal or account You are registered with, planned Service suspensions, and temporary outages. We will attempt to reduce as much as deemed reasonable this type of communication to You. uses cookies, tracking pixels and other related technologies. Cookies are small data files that are sent by our system and stored on Your personal device. Our Website uses cookies enacted by us or by third party entities for several reasons and purposes including but not limited to assisting in operation and customization of the Website. Additionally, cookies may also be used to track how You interact with the site to target ads tailored to You on other websites.

Data protection

  • General Data Protection Policy

    All data is stored on our secure servers. We are committed to protecting and keeping secure Your personal and project-related data.

  • Data export

    The top 100 results that have been stored and/or tracked in SerpO data can be exported by request sent to the support team at any time. We guarantee the export of the data will be made within 5 business days from the day after a request has been received by our support team engineers.

  • Data retention

    All tracked data that was stored in our system/platform will be permanently deleted from our database after 1 week’s time.

Rights to access, restriction, objection/opposition, erasure, rectification, etc.

You have the rights to access, restriction, objection/opposition, erasure (“right to be forgotten”), and rectification of the existence or processing of Your personal or project-related data by directing any of such concerns or issues to SerpO for further investigation. In order to make things more feasible and accessible for You, and without prejudice to the legal requirements SerpO must comply with under the laws, SerpO permits You to exercise the rights detailed above by sending us an email to

Account deletion

All users, who want to completely delete their accounts and all the associated data, can do so individually from within their profile/account. Once account deletion is enacted all of Your data is permanently deleted from all our servers and it cannot be restored by SerpO or by You.

Payment processing

All payments are processed by Paypal, bank wire transfers, or other acceptable forms of electronic payment systems.

SerpO users and personal data

We collect information related to our platform users and our Services usage as listed in the following:

  • a) Registration information: information You provide to SerpO when You register with our system on
  • b) “My Profile” settings: You can view and edit a host of preferences including Your personal details on “My Profile” settings. For example, the language of the SerpO platform, email used for registration/sign-in, other non-transactional communication preferences, etc.
  • c) SerpO data: we store Your tasks data for You.
  • d) Subscription plan + Billing info: we store information and details about the Plan You are subscribed to. We don’t store any of Your payment information or details.
  • e) Other data You want or commit to sharing with us: We may collect Your personal information or data if You submit it to us in other contexts outside of what has been mentioned in the privacy policy.
We do not share Your personal data or information with any third parties entities.